Pool plant courses:

Pool Plant Operations



Qualification Number: 603/2579/3

Title: STA Level 3 Award in Pool Plant Operations

Credit Value: 6 Credits


  • Be 16 years of age or older

Validity of Award:

This qualification is valid for 5 years.

Length of Course:

Total Qualification Time: 31 Hours


  • 25 Guided Learning Hours

Mandatory Units:

  • Principles of healthy and hygienic pool water (A/616/6613)
  • Principles of pool water testing (R/616/6617)
  • Principles of disinfection, pool chemistry and dosing in pool plant operations (T/616/6612)
  • Principles of mechanical pool plant operations (L/616/6616)
  • Swimming pool heating, ventilation and energy efficiency (F/616/6614)
  • Management practices and health and safety in plant operations (J/616/6615)